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Brenice Duroseau

Title: TAKE CHARGE STUDY: Sexual Health Services Designed by You for You​ Lead Investigator: Brenice Duroseau Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason E. Farley

Cisgender Black women face consistent disparities in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as a result of implicit bias, racism, sexism, and structural barriers. In the United States (U.S.), cisgender Black women accounted for 19% of new HIV infections in 2019, and 55% of new HIV infections among all women despite only being 13% of the U.S. female population. Those same barriers continue to perpetuate inequities in sexual health by limiting access to sexual services and uptake of highly effective HIV/STI prevention options. Improving the sexual health of Black women is a public health issue of high importance due to the potential negative impact STIs and HIV have on health systems and the social, sexual, and reproductive health of Black women. To address this public health need, this study aims to advance access of sexual health services to cisgender Black women for HIV and STI prevention using a framework that engages the participants in personal sexual health options delivered through telemedicine.

Hypothsis: This telemedicine intervention will improve HIV/STI risk perception, increase engagement with STI/HIV screening, and make sexual health and HIV prevention a shared value among cisgender Black women living in Maryland.