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Diane Meyer

Title: Prevalence and predictors of forgone healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic in Baltimore City Lead Investigator: Diane Meyer Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason E. Farley

Description: The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has led to widespread disruptions in healthcare utilization in the United States, including increases in forgone care, and has disproportionately impacted vulnerable and minority communities. The purpose of this study is to further understand the prevalence and predictors of forgone care in Baltimore, MD using a population representative sampling strategy with oversampling of populations currently underrepresented in the current COVID-19 forgone healthcare literature. The knowledge gained from this study will be critical to better understanding how the social determinants of health intersect with healthcare utilization during large-scale public health emergencies and will help inform efforts to improve health system resilience for future health threats.

Hypotheses: H1: African American and Latinx people will have a higher prevalence odds ratio (POR) for forgone healthcare after controlling for health insurance status; H2: Impoverished people, regardless of race/ethnicity, will have a higher POR for forgone healthcare.