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Dr. Hae-Ra Han

Title: OWEL cancer education and awareness program (OCEAP) Lead Investigator: Joyline Chepkorir Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hae-Ra Han

Women living with HIV/AIDS (WLH) are at heightened risk for cervical cancer, and those 45+ years oldalso have elevated risk for breast cancer. Older Women Embracing Life (OWEL), a community advocacy organization, has formed the bedrock for social, emotional, spiritual, and mental support for WLH and their families in Baltimore city. Based on an initial stakeholder meeting, cervical and breast cancer literacy among WLH has been identified as a top priority as there is no program in place to focus on the health issues most salient to WLH. Cervical and breast cancers are preventable and can be detected early yet WLH, particularly Black women, bear a disproportionately higher burden of deaths from these cancers due, in large part, to limited cancer health literacy. To address this need, the purpose of this study is to develop and implement a cancer education and awareness program.

Hypothesis: The intervention will improve cancer literacy and decrease negative perceptions about breast and cervical cancer screening in Black WLH.