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Dr. Hae-Ra Han



Health literacy, chronic care, health equity, measurement

Hae-Ra Han, PhD, RN, FAAN is the associate dean for community programs and initiatives at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Dr. Han’s research focuses on improving health care for traditionally underserved ethnic minority populations by improving health literacy. Her transformational research has advanced thinking from the traditional paradigm of knowledge transfer from provider to patients to developing skills of patients to traverse the landscape of health screening and patient self-care to promote health equity. Through her work, Dr. Han has helped improve cervical cancer screening among African and Asian immigrant women and women living with HIV, and promote resilience and self-management among patients and families living with common chronic conditions such as dementia, diabetes, and hypertension.

Population of interest:

People with limited health literacy; people with limited English proficiency; people of color; immigrants

Dr. Hae-Ra Han